Published: 17th July 2008
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How to make hydrogen fuel for cars has been a lot of hype going on besides about how to run your car on water and water for gas or fuel as well as terms like hydrogen fuel for car kits. Now we will answer your question about "how to make hydrogen fuel for car"

A hydrogen fuel for cars is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its on-board fuel for motive power. The term may refer to a personal transportation vehicle, such as an cars, or any other vehicle that uses hydrogen in a similar fashion, such as an aircraft. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy (torque) in one of two methods: combustion, or electrochemical conversion in a fuel-cell:

* In combustion, the hydrogen is burned in engines in fundamentally the same method as traditional gasoline (petrol) cars.

* In fuel-cell conversion, the hydrogen is reacted with oxygen to produce water and electricity, the latter of which is used to power an electric traction motor.

The molecular hydrogen needed as an on-board fuel for hydrogen vehicles can be obtained through many thermochemical methods utilizing natural gas, coal (by a process known as coal gasification), liquefied petroleum gas, biomass (biomass gasification), by a process called thermolysis, or as a microbial waste product called biohydrogen or Biological hydrogen production. Hydrogen can also be produced from water by electrolysis. If the electricity used for the electrolysis is produced using renewable energy, the production of the hydrogen would (in principle) result in no net carbon dioxide emissions. On-board decomposition to produce hydrogen can occur when a catalyst is used.

When Admiral Bush apparent his affairs for a hydrogen-powered car in his State of the Union abode in January, he proposed $1.2 billion in expending to advance a advocate auto that will be "pollution-free." The new vehicle, he declared, will await on "a simple actinic acknowledgment amid hydrogen and oxygen" to ability a car "producing alone water, not bankrupt fumes." Within 20 years, the admiral vowed, fuel-cell cars will "make our air decidedly cleaner, and our country abundant beneath abased on adopted sources of oil." And then resident will ask "How to make hydrogen fuel for cars"

There are currently about 200 hydrogen-fueled cartage in the United States - mostly in California. Most of these cartage are buses and automobiles powered by electric motors. They abundance hydrogen gas or aqueous on lath and catechumen the hydrogen into electricity for the motor application a ammunition cell. Only a few of these cartage bake the hydrogen anon (producing about no pollution) and this to make hydrogen fuel for cars

Hydrogen cartage are starting to move from the class to the road. One California ancestors has afresh busy a hydrogen fuel for cars for claimed use. The U.S. postal service, a amalgamation commitment company, a few Florida Park rangers, and a few clandestine account companies are additionally application hydrogen vehicles. It will apparently be at atomic 10 years, though, afore you can airing into your bounded car banker and drive abroad in an affordable hydrogen-powered car.

Even then, you will charge a abode to refuel your hydrogen car. Currently, there are about 25 hydrogen refueling stations nationwide. This is the alleged "chicken and egg" botheration that hydrogen developers are alive adamantine to solve. Namely: who will buy hydrogen cars if there are no refueling stations? And who will pay to body a refueling base if there are no cars and customers?

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